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Welcome to Business Network Tracker

Are you the leader of a Business Networking Group that relies on tracking referrals, tips or leads to measure the success of the group?

Do you feel like your tracking system is cumbersome and valuable time is wasted as you or your co-leader keeps tracks of slips of paper and re-enters the data again into a spreadsheet or online system?

Do you wish you had a referral tracking system that was easy to use and convenient for your members to enter their leads directly?

Would it save you precious time to have a summary report of your group’s passed and closed referrals emailed to you on a weekly basis?

Then Business Network Tracker is for you! Designed to help Business Groups track their referrals and leads easily and conveniently. It provides two easy ways for your members to enter their leads or referrals. They can log in to the website, or they can download the app to their phones.

Easy to read reporting allows Leaders to quickly view leads passed and closed and can even have the reports emailed directly to their inbox on a weekly basis.